2 Major Announcements!

I know all of you stayed up for the past 2 nights waiting for the 2 big announcements that I told you about earlier in the week. If you lost sleep, quickly read through this and then take a quick power nap.

1. I want to reveal the winners of the transformation contest. Before I do, I want to shed a quick background. This contest started October 31st and went until January 1st. Yes, do the thinking… That is through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, which I think is the toughest stretch of the year to take care of yourself. Everyone that participated won in someway. For some it was the education, for others it was the accountability through the time of the year. Remember, the winner gets a 3 month nutritional coaching membership and $100 credit at the gym, which values around $500.

Male winner- Steve Grunow lost 17lbs and 4 total inches off his body. He changed some simple things in his diet and saw massive results. To be honest, way more than we both thought. He has more energy and his strength actually went up in addition.

Female winner- Jade Leasure lost 4lbs and 4 total inches of her body. Plus, she even hurt herself during the 8-weeks and still managed to stay on track which is why you see a high loss in the inches.

The contest was for 8 weeks and although weight loss is a component for both winners it was also about a lifestyle change.

Here is the second announcement… Dun dun dun…

2. I am hosting another transformation contest starting next week. That’s right, next week! This will get you ready for spring break and will be the last time I will offer it until the end of the year. These contests will only happen 2x/year and are open to everyone. If you want to get yourself into spring break form, now is the time to start. It is also a big priority to look good for the Easter bunny too!

Return this email to sign up right away since spots are limited!

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