Last year BeWell Fitness and all its clients and friends help to raise over $11,950 for charity!

That is truly are astounding number and I am very grateful to all that have helping in that process. 2012 will be nothing short of amazing in itself for charities. We have some great things lined up and I wanted to preview the first half of the year.

First up will be Lamb’s Farm in February. For those of you not familiar with Lamb’s Farm it is a organization and community that helps mentally challenged people of all ages. They have some wonderful people that live in their community and the more we can help them live their best life the better. They have huge hearts and this will hopefully help them.

A couple months later is our HUGE event… Competition for a Cure. This year will be just as big as last and we expect to have national support from Susan G. Koman and Yoplait Yogurt. We started this event to honor those that have lost, battling or surviving breast cancer. This is very near and dear to our family and hope to see you all their competing.

In May will be Young Life. Young Life is a national organization that has local chapters set in place to give teens an outlet to grow in a safe way. They are religious based but not tied to any one denomination. They promote a healthy lifestyle and a place that fun can be had without the typical teen drama like peer pressure, hazing, etc. because let’s be honest, being a teenager is not the easiest thing in the world to be. They face a number of social, physical and mental challenges. This will be to help fund their events and outings.

Again, thank you for the help in raising almost $12,000 and I hope to see or hear from you in support for 2012.

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