Are we killing our kids?

Since 1980, global obesity has more than doubled!

65% of the worlds people now live in countries where over-weight and obesity cause cause more deaths than underweight.

In 2010, nearly 43 million kids below the age of 5 were overweight. By 2015, greater than 10% of our kids will be obese.

We can change it right now. Obesity is PREVENTABLE!

I could tell you all the emotional, physical and financial consequences of these studies and predictions but that would only perpetuate the problem. Below are some real world solutions to help you fix the problem with your own kids:

  1. pack your own lunch. This way you have control as to what is being given.
  2. as parents seek out the proper education for food and nutrition. Your kids are dependant on you for providing them with what they need to be healthy. Make sure you know what is and what isn’t.
  3. set an example for your kids. If you eat and treat yourself like crap so will they. That’s what they know and that is what they immolate. If you change they can too.
  4. create a point system. Have different points associated with different tasks, foods, exercises, etc. at the end of the week, tally them up and maybe the reward is a night at the movies, new shoes, jeans, etc. make sure the act of tallying the points is a big deal. In other words, when they earn a point recognize them immediately. Kids need feedback and reassurance they are doing what is right.
  5. have the right training program. Kids need a mix of cardio based and resistance based exercise. They also just need to be a kid and develop a whole bunch of skill sets like running, jumping, hopping, skipping, rotating, swinging, etc. Have them do as many different activities as possible.

I am rolling out a brand new program called The Academy. It is for kids from 3rd grade through college. We train different motor skills at different stages and focus on their critical development windows. It is my intention to help those that want an edge in sports as well as those that just want to be healthy. All the training will be athletic based whether they are in competitive sports or not.

For more information on The Academy please email for details.

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