Are your friends making you fat?

Some people have said that your closet 5 friends are a refection of you. That are a telling story about what your expectations are of your future, your health, your views, outlook, etc.

But, can they really make you fat?


Now, before I go further, I must state that I am the first one to say people need to take responsibility for their actions and choices. We choose to eat like crap, we choose to not exercise. Having friends that share your views only makes it easier to justify yours. Have you ever had a friend ask you to workout or go to dinner or get coffee when you were neither motivated to workout, hungry or thirsty. You wound up doing those things because of your friends influence.

The even better news is that your friends can make you healthy too!

The point of this post is to get you thinking of positive influences in your life in the areas you want to improve on. In other words, if I wanted to better organize my financial future/planning, I would be calling a friend of mine back in Massachusetts to help me. Find people that take their health seriously and hang around them more. It is infectious. Follow more people on the internet that will provide you with quality information.

Lastly, in an effort to keep providing you with the best information, I have teamed up with a nutritional supplement company called Prograde Nutrition. In the path to finalizing my nutritional certification, I have found this company to take the right steps to ensure you are getting a quality supplement product. They have even given me a direct link to offer to everyone:

Please check it out and if you are interested in ordering something from them, let me know and I will give you a coupon code for your first order that will save you 15%.

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