Holiday Challenge… Are you up for it?

The holidays are coming and there is nothing we can do about it. This is the time of the year when everything you have worked at and for can blow up in your face. YOU have a choice. It doesn’t have to defeat you.

The candy business (chocolate and the like) is a billion dollar industry! They strive this time of year. You can’t go anywhere for food now and not see a bag of candy for Halloween. Then after Halloween the candy is all on sale and how could you not take advantage of the deal, right? Next thing you know Thanksgiving is here and then blink again and its Christmas and holy crap its the new year and you’re somehow 5-10lbs heavier.

So what’s your plan? What are you going to do to make sure you don’t fall in with the millions of other people?

If you need and/or want help I have a plan for you… The BeWell Fitness Transformation Contest. Below are the details:

When: Starts Monday October 31st through Sunday January 1st (approximately 9weeks)

Who: Everyone is eligible for this whether you are a current member or not. If you are a current member the entry fee is $29. If you are not a member it is $89 to enter, BUT if you find a friend to do it with you, you are both $49. Anyone from anywhere in the world can do this. It is not just local. So if you have friends and family in another state that would do this with you then have then join. Worst case scenario is less than $10/week!

What: To be a part of this life changing contest you must take before and after profile pictures of yourself, circumference measurements of various spots on your body, take an initial weight, keep nutritional logs and be an active participant in the contest.

How: This contest has been established though Google Groups. To be a part of it you simply sign into Google or set up a Google account and join the group at the following link: Then, you send me via email all of your WHAT (above section) and I will analyze your information then send back some coaching feedback to you. I will be with you every step of the way over the next 9 weeks to help you win. I am everyone’s coach.

What do you win? And how are the winners determined? The winners are determined by percentages in inches and weight lost. So if I weight 100lbs and I lost 5lbs that would be a 5% reduction. Same thing for the circumference measurements. There will be a male and female category winner. They will receive $150 credit at BeWell Fitness AND a 3 month membership for nutritional coaching. For people out of state or out of the area this just means that you can use the credit for me to write a program for you. As far as the 3 month membership goes, no matter where you are you can still take advantage of this. We can have nutritional phone calls, emails, etc. if you can’t be here in person. When all is said and done you are looking at a value of over $500 to each winner!

Who will take the challenge?

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