Coach vs. Trainer

Have you ever gotten a second opinion from a doctor? Or, for that matter, have you ever gotten opinions from others about something you were considering doing, buying, traveling to? I have to assume yes.

I use the doctor analogy because both are doctors. They both went to medical school. Both took the oath of a doctor. Both had to go through residency, etc. so why ask another doctor when they both on paper are the same… Doctors.

As you may know, just because you have a license to practice medicine doesn’t mean that you should be doing it. There are a lot of crappy doctors out there. WELL… There are also a lot of crappy trainers out there too!

When you walk into one of these huge gym facilities and the salesmen that gives you the million dollar tour and tries to sell you into spandex tells you that we have the perfect trainer for you. Do they?

Here is the reality, there are a ton of trainers out there, but very few are coaches and fitness professionals. There is a vast difference and if you have ever experienced a trainer, I’m sorry and if you have ever had a coach or fitness professional, you will never want anything else.

I like to think of trainers as having the ability to figuratively “kill,” and coaches as having the ability to figuratively “resurrect.” You see, in my mind, it is very easy to “kill” something. I believe the true genius and power comes when you can rebuild, cure, strengthen and educate.

A coach is prepared. They have a plan. They listen. They encourage. They support. They push but know when is too much. They strive for excellence because that is the only state they live in. and, ultimately, they genuinely care about YOU.

Do yourself and everyone else a favor, find a coach and run like crazy from trainers, they are like monkeys with a clipboard of exercises.

Finish Strong,

Ben Wellenbach

BeWell Fitness is my life’s passion. It is a house built on intestinal fortitude, character and spirit. This dream was transformed from an idea to a vision and ultimately into reality. It is my ultimate success and pleasure to help you achieve your dreams”.

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