The average American gains about 10lbs over the next 2 months!

That is really scary when you compound that over 5 years. That means that you could potentially be 50lbs heavier 5 years from now.

I invite you to make a different choice. A choice that will reverse the possibility of fat gain.

Transform your body over the next 9 weeks. Start 2012 running full steam. Join the BeWell Transformation Contest!

You don’t have to be a current client. You simply must have the desire to want to be better and make a difference in your life.

I will coach you the entire way through your nutrition. I will help you establish realistic and attainable goals. If you are not a current client I will help make suggestions for your fitness as well.

I am your coach for the next 9 weeks.

It starts THIS Monday October 31st through Sunday January 1st (approximately 9weeks)

If you are a current client/member the entry fee is $29. If you are not a member it is $89 to enter, BUT if you find a friend to do it with you, you are both $49. Anyone from anywhere in the world can do this. It is not just local. So if you have friends and family in another state that would do this with you then have then join.

That is less than $10/week!

There will be a male and female category winner. They will receive $150 credit at BeWell Fitness AND a 3 month membership for nutritional coaching. For people out of state or out of the area this just means that you can use the credit for me to write a program for you. As far as the 3 month membership goes, no matter where you are you can still take advantage of this. We can have nutritional phone calls, emails, etc. since you can not be here in person. When all is said and done you are looking at a value of over $500 to each winner!

Email me back right now to reserve your spot!

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