The Sitting Effect

How much do you sit on a daily basis? If you are like most, then you sleep on your side, which resembles a sitting position, you sit to eat breakfast, sit to drive to work, sit while at work, sit at lunch, sit back down to finish the work day, sit to drive home, sit to have dinner, sit on the couch to read or watch TV, then fall asleep on your side which resembles the sitting position again. (by the way, I’m sitting right now writing this.)

It is amazing how much we sit!

What is this doing to us? How is this affecting our bodies? Our function? Our health?

More importantly, what can we do about it?
First, let’s look at the things we can have an impact on since we can drive standing or laying down. We can change how we work or what we sit on. We can change the activity level throughout the course of the day and we can change the position that we sleep. Without disrupting too much, I would start with the seat at your desk or work station. Use a stability ball for a seat instead of a chair and/or raise your desk so you can stand throughout the day and work. More important, is your level of activity throughout the day. Sounds simple, but take a walk at lunch. It will help get you out of that postural pattern.

Ideally, train your back half. Anything you have to pull is great. Rows and chin ups are an example for your upper body. Bridging, hip lifts, kettlebell swings, and deadlifts are great for your lower body.

The bottom line… do something other than sitting!

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