Is 20 minutes enough?

People have asked me how long should I be in the gym or how long would you recommend my workouts be? Outside of your normal program, 20 minutes of high intensity training will bring you to prayer. again, it is HIGH intensity. Most won’t do it because it is human nature to do the easiest thing possible, which is why steady state conditioning has been the norm. Well… time to change the norm. Below is a sample 20 minutes that will rock your world, leave you feeling energized and praying to the workout Gods.

**Note to self: It is tough both mentally and physically. Just a warning.

You will alternate between 20sec of work with 10sec of rest and transition between 2 exercises/set for a total of 8 rounds. Each set is a total of 4 minutes. In between each 4 minute set you will get 1 minute of rest before starting the next set.

Set 1:

-Val-slide alt. slideouts paired with Kettlebell squat & Overhead press

Set 2:

-Hops (forward/backward & side/side) paired with Kettlebell pressouts

Set 3:

– Superband bent over row paired with Kettlebell swings

Set 4:

-Push ups paired with Val-slide mt. climbers

Enjoy! Post some responses after. Would love to hear feedback.

P.S. If you really want to spice it up you can add another 4 minute set at the end of conditioning, preferably the Airdyne bike.

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