The Lenten Challenge

The truth is I am not Catholic nor am I practicing any religion right now, however I am training a Catholic priest. (side note: if there was a priest fitness magazine, he would be on the cover!) I have two BIG fixes in my diet; pizza and dessert. I thought the bigger of the two was the dessert. I have a sweet tooth and have rarely turned dessert down. So, the challenge was to give up dessert and candy in any fashion for the 40 days of Lent. Long story short, I did it! Here is what happened when I was done:

  • I lost about 8 pounds, which is weird for me because I have been relatively the same weight since high school.
  • I lost inches in my waist
  • I felt mentally great about myself for sticking with it and for how I looked and felt physically

The bottom line is this, I think it is really important for all of us to take a clear and critical look at what we need vs. what we think we need or want. Is it necessary to have all the soda? Chips or bread? Sweets? You get the idea. I realized that I don’t need that stuff. I enjoy that stuff, but at what price and how often. I will now allow myself to have bread once a day, dessert once a week if that, no cereal for breakfast and make protein and low sugar my priority.

I challenge and invite you to do something BIG in your life!

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