Injury Reduction

I have been going around to various Fire Departments and SWAT teams presenting information on injury reduction. I have recently been able to come across some actual numbers from a Fire Department about the cost of an injury. This particular department was spending an average of $126K/year on major injuries to the knees, low back and shoulder/arm. According to the WFI (Wellness and Fitness Initiative from the IAFC/IAFF) departments spend more money on the upkeep of their apparatuses, 70% to be exact and only 30% to fix them if things go wrong. On the other hand, they only spend 3% on a firefighter for preventative/upkeep and 97% to fix the problems. That $126K is only for the injury itself, not for the other incurred costs like overtime or lost time, etc.

The assessment protocol that I use here at the gym and which I base all of my programs from has had a 62% and 42% proven reduction in lost time and injuries respectively. So my question is would you rather spend $126K/year to fix injuries that may never be the same or would you rather spend about $24K/year to save about $63K. Seems like a no brainer to me.

I encourage all of you to take a proactive approach to injury reduction and if your team or department is not please let me know how I can help. You are the biggest assets of any team or department and money should be spend to protect those assets.

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