The Hurt Locker

Since having my baby recently my wife and I have not gone out much…well let’s be honest, we have not gone out at all. Thank God for DVR and On Demand. Recently we watched a movie called The Hurt Locker. If you haven’t seen it I certainly won’t ruin it for you; what I will do is comment on the psychology vs. physiology. There is a very well respected strength coach that says psychology will trump physiology everytime. The premis of the movie is a specialized Army team thats sole function was to find and destroy IED’s or any other roadside bomb. The team was made up of 3 men. While one of them worked to disarm the bombs the other had cover responsibilities.

It took place in the Middle East. Conditions were tough, weather was hot, people were crazy; but they were focused. A little nuts, but focused! They could have easily given up, made excuses, made poor decisions, but they didn’t. They stayed focused on their task.

I offer this movie as a wake up call for some and a reminder to others that if you want something, there will always be reasons why not to get it, it is up to you to make the choice to stay focused and acheive the end goal or task. This applies in the gym and more importantly translates to your jobs directly.

Stay safe and stay strong.

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