Now more than ever

Now more than ever, all tactical forces and first responders are being asked to step up their fitness, increase standards, demand more of current situations and in some cases return to the Middle East and defend. I am not about to get into a political debate, we all have our own views. This blog is about fitness and performance for the tactical officer and first responder. I bring these topics up because with increased demands comes other factors like added stress, loss of sleep, medications, insufficient training and/or recovery, etc.

I urge you to take the time NOW to plan for a health and fitness strategy. Currently, with the guys that are training at the gym, they have a 4 day/week training program which allows for 1 additional day of recovery conditioning (steady state on the bike, swim or anything non-impact) and 2 days of pure rest. Yes, pure rest! It is vital that you give your body enough time to recover and rejuvenate. The other part, which is a huge part, is the nutrition. Your nutrition is the fuel for your performance. Cut back on the soda, juice, energy drinks, etc and increase the water intake. At every meal focus on what the protein source is. Cereal for breakfast is not good enough. Think lean.

Also, think about the vitamins and supplements that you are taking or not taking. Find a great multi-vitamin and other supplements that are individually required and consistantly take them. Put them in a place that you have easy and consistant access. Make them part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth. I use products from Dr. Mercola. He is a bit extreme but I know I am getting clean products.

Plan now because 2010 could be the start of a whole new operation.

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