Living by the Bell

My wife and I just had our first child 12 weeks ago. We are living by a different bell then you with way different implications. You react instantaniously to any call in any situation at anytime of day. You are a select few with great responsibility.

Society always talks about your impact on us civilians but we never speak of the importance and impact that you have to one another.

I have played sports all my life through college. The teams I have played on that were successful and won had some very similiar qualities. It was through these qualities that we were able to trust, respect and support each other to a collective goal. Your goals are very different but the foundation is the same. I have spoken with SWAT teams, Fire departments and Military personel and they all have the same outlying foundation. You are a second family or brotherhood. You watch each others back, front and side from some of the worst situations imaginable.

When that bell goes off, whether fire, police or military, the game is on! You gear up, get instuctions and react accordingly. Of all the teams I spoke to above each one has concerns about some of their teammates. Will they be able to keep up with me in a long lasting fire, foot chase or military insertion? Who will have my back? Will I be able to perform to cover one of my teammates? Am I in the best shape to protect myself and everyone around me?

If the answer is no to any of the above, you need to rethink your fitness training and the way you take care of yourself. Not only are you risking your life but the lives of the rest of your team. It is your job and responsibily to be in the best shape for the men and women you work with, but ultimely yourself. My first strength coach says that training with a poor program is better than not training at all or poorly with a great program. I would agree but add this; there should be no excuses now to not train properly. You have the tools and support from this site to be successful.

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