Are we turning into Wimps?

Below is an article that I was sent by a client of mine that is sad but true:

Wimps, all of us.
by Zoe Romanowsky

Modern man is a wimp, says Australian anthropoligist Peter McAllister in his new book, Manthropology: The Science of the Inadequate Modern Male:
If you’re reading this then you — or the male you have bought it for — are the worst man in history. No ifs, no buts — the worst man, period… As a class we are in fact the sorriest cohort of masculine Homo sapiens to ever walk the planet.
Furthermore, Reuters reports that according to McAllister, any Neandrathal woman could have taken Arnold Schwarzenegger down in an arm wrestling match. And the Aboriginals could reach speeds of 37 kilometers per hour running barefoot in the mud. (Usain Bolt reached 42kph in last year’s Olympics in Beijing.)

Manthropology abounds with other examples:
Roman legions completed more than one-and-a-half marathons a day carrying more than half their body weight in equipment.
Athens employed 30,000 rowers who could all exceed the achievements of modern oarsmen.
Australian aboriginals threw a hardwood spear 110 meters or more (the current world javelin record is 98.48).
So, why the decline in man’s physique and physical prowess? Under-use. We’re so inactive, which was only made worse with the Industrial Revolution:
We don’t see that because we convert to what things were like about 30 years ago. There’s been such a stark improvement in times, technique has improved out of sight, times and heights have all improved vastly since then but if you go back further it’s a different story.

…We are simply not exposed to the same loads or challenges that people were in the ancient past and even in the recent past so our bodies haven’t developed. Even the level of training that we do, our elite athletes, doesn’t come close to replicating that.
If there’s one thing human beings are it’s adaptable, and we’re adapting to our modern environment which demands less of us physically and more of us emotionally and mentally.

Maybe we’ll eventually just turn into big heads and roll down the streets.

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