My Response to the Comments…

I have come under scrutiny with my posts on Crossfit (Good!). I need to explain myself further to those that say it is wrong of me to say that there is no merit to the program. I will admit there are two positives and two positives only, that I do like about the Crossfit program. They have nothing to do with training, but here they are:

  1. They create an excitement for fitness and training. People look forward to training which for some is a chore just getting into the gym. That excitement is contagious and infectious which is why Crossfit is as well known as it is.
  2. Great sense of team! You work in an environment that acts like a team and family. Everyone hoops it up together, supports one another and looks for an overall sense of togetherness. This is crucial for building relationships.

Other than those two positives there is nothing good about the training itself. Everything I said in the previous post stands true.

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