What is power and why do you as tactical forces? Power is defined as the sum of speed and strength. The faster you can lift more weight is power. You, as a tactical force, need power in your arsenal of abilities because your job is about a controlled chaos. You need to get from point A to point B quickly and strong. That may be carrying a body out of a fire, lifting someone out of a window, or breaking down a door. Similar to all training there is a method to the madness. This is the quintessential piece of the whole strength and conditioning puzzle. It is so vital that we here at the Tactical Strength Club dedicate a piece of everyday of every program to power generation. As we age it is one of the first things to leave us. We have the ability to regain strength and endurance  easier and faster; power is a skill and something that needs to be practiced. In the photos posted earlier, the two pictures of the dumbbells and the medicine balls are examples of what we do here. If you look at the wall that they are throwing the balls against, it is all marked up. we use the medicine balls for a lot of the power work with in a program, especially with you, the tactical forces. They are versatile for any functional movement.

To train for power, we have many different “toys” to use in our programs. Below are a few that have been very successful:

Medicine Balls:


Olympic Lifts with Dumbbell:

Olympic Lifts with Barbell:

Olympic Lifts with Kettlebell:

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